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Republic Credit Cards

Whatever your needs, Republic has the credit card for you. Gain BONUS Points every time you shop or be a part of the largest travel award program with our Republic Bank AAdvantage Mastercard. So, sign up now and take advantage of the benefits that await you at Republic!

Who can apply?

Persons must be 18 years and over.

Worldwide acceptance

The Republic Bank Credit Card carries a US Dollar Line of Credit and has worldwide acceptance.

Detailed statements

Each month you will receive an itemised statement from our Credit Card Centre showing how much you have spent and at which merchants your purchases were made.


You will have access to 14 million VISA merchants, as well as over 400,000 Bank branches and quick cash from 227,000 ABMs worldwide.


You will receive protection and the peace of mind that your Credit Card balance will be taken care of in the unfortunate event of your disability or death. Your premiums are minimal and are based on your outstanding balances at the date of billing.

Flexible payments

Your card allows you to make the minimum monthly payment to keep your account current or to pay the outstanding balance in full by the due date. We accept payments at any of our Republic Bank Branches in TT Currency, US Currency, Drafts or Travelers Cheques.

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