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UWI and UTT Students: Here’s 7 Simple Ways You Can Cover the Cost of University

When you daydream about attending university, your mental monetary check-list probably goes rent, food…ooo, what’s for dinner, but doesn’t go beyond that. Understandably so. While tuition is covered through GATE, there are a lot of seemingly hidden costs to a tertiary education that go unmentioned: your Wi-Fi connection to help you as you study Psychology at UWI or movie tickets to relax after an exam in Animal Science and Technology …Read More

It’s Never Too Early To Think About Getting Your First Car

Picture it: A cool breeze blowing through your hair. The sun setting as you wind your way along the North Coast Road after a lazy day at the beach, your friends chattering away in the back seat. Your first car is going to create memories that will last a lifetime. It’ll help you develop a sense of independence and responsibility as you learn to take care of something that’s yours …Read More