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Why You Shouldn’t Despise A Career In Sales

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It’s 2016. There’s talk of recession. Still, nobody doubts that a career in sales is a good decision, because far and above most jobs, a career in sales can earn top dollar — if you’re good at it — and still give you the flexible life you’ve been searching for.

Sales is a recession-proof job

While there’s a chance of losing any job in a downturn, sales still makes the cut as one of the most recession-proof jobs around, and with good reason. In an economic downturn forward-thinking companies rely on good sales teams to take them to solid ground.

Firms know they must become more efficient. They cut costs, boost productivity and simultaneously, task sales and business development teams with growing revenues during the period of adjustment.

When the U.S. economy tanked during the 2000 recession Target increased sales and marketing expenditures 20 percent during some aggressive cost-cutting. The company used several strategies to help it not just survive the recession, but thrive once it ended. A big part of that was investing in its sales teams.

Worried about the economy? Don’t worry too much. Ask around. Every company needs good salespeople, especially in a slowdown.

A career in sales? Anyone can do it, even you

Before you go, “I’m not sure sales is for me,” you need to step back and consider this: sales is for people just like you.

How do I know? Because the days of the slick-lookin’, smooth-as-hell salesperson are all but over. That just doesn’t work in this environment where everyone is part of the connection economy and nobody — I mean, nobody — appreciates being lied to.

With all the information available to us with a simple Google search, the modern sales environment requires a no-gimmick approach where real people keep it real. So before you rule it out, accept that sales these days is about being human and making people-to-people connections. You’re human, right?

I’ll bet you’re also smart, perceptive, emotionally intelligent. I’ll bet you know a bunch of people who’ll just take your word on that one thing because they know you know your stuff.

Let’s say it’s makeup. People trust you because your makeup is always on point and you do a helluva job making them want to look their best.

That makes you a salesperson. Your friends, if they’re to be called friends at all, all know you’re the person to turn to for tips. You know tones and shades and oils and whatever else makeup connoisseurs talk about. You’re a salesperson. No gift of gab necessary. Just 100% human authenticity. Can you be authentic? Then you can succeed at sales.

You can take control of your life

When the traffic is brutal and the weather doesn’t play fair, I relish those 30-mile bike rides even more. It’s how I do mornings two or three times a week. It’s possible because I have a flexible schedule, something you can have with a career in sales.

Hate all those meetings? Want to get your kids to school without your manager making you feel guilty about it? Sales jobs are notorious for giving you control.

Sales is a trip to your favourite coffee shop. Sales is a drive to a town you haven’t seen in ages. Sales is you and a prospect weighing life insurance options around the dinner table, a TV rambling in the background, a fresh mug of coffee on its way.

You make the calls, you book the appointments, you control how your day unfolds. Or you could take one of those jobs that requires a slavish devotion to being at an office for a set time every day.

We’re short on stats in T&T but there is a rise in flexible working everywhere and salespeople have been capitalising on advances in technology. Want a job using Whatsapp to make money? Sales might just be the thing.



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