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4 Places Besides CaribbeanJobs To Find The Job You Want

No diss to CaribbeanJobs.com. It still reigns supreme as the number one job board in the country and likely the Caribbean. Despite a surge in competition in the recruitment space, nobody has so far mounted a serious challenge.

But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t find the job you’ve been dreaming about in other places. Indeed, you can.

To make your search as fruitful as possible, here are four other places you should be checking out.

1) Government Human Resources Services

Or GHRS for short. They focus exclusively on the public sector so if you fancy a job in a government ministry or state enterprise you need to be on this website. Apart from regular updates to its list of vacancies, the site lets you register by completing a profile.

Studied in the U.S. and thinking about coming back to work? GHRS registration should be part of your toolkit. Another feature we like is the employer search which lets you skim through vacancies by agency.

We know for certain that the government is well aware of the talent shortage facing the public service.

We know because they published this little-known document showing where the skills gaps exist and that tells us that GHRS is actively trying to plug these holes. Get registered and you may get that call sooner than you think.

2) HRC Associates

“I can say confidently that HRC Associates is the Gold Standard in Trinidad and Tobago in their line of business.”

Those are big words, but they’re not ours. They belong to economist and former Finance Minister Wendell Mottley and, no doubt, they’re a towering endorsement of the HRC Associates brand. With that kind of clout can you really afford to ignore HRC in your job search? You can’t.

Here’s the catch, HRC wants the best of the best, the kind of people the interview panel looks at and goes: she’s a keeper. Their focus is pretty solid around executive and board recruitment. HRC wants — no, needs — to find the sharpest management trainees and other qualified professionals for their clients. We’re talking about unbeatable talent. They make money when they do so bet your bottom dollar they’re pretty serious about talent.

And as you move up the career ladder you may appreciate HRC’s leadership in career development even more. Case in point? Their highly-rated compensation report which we took the liberty of repurposing into this handy infographic. Go ahead, sharing is caring, get that infographic to a couple friends now. I’ll wait.

Back already? Good, but take note: rumour has it HRC doesn’t trifle with recruitment so your résumé needs to read like a bestseller. Best of the best, remember?

3) JobsTT

We counted a total of 114 companies, from conglomerates to small businesses, listing vacancies on JobsTT.com.

As I write this, there are 295 listings on CaribbeanJobs compared to 71 on JobsTT. Now remember, these listings are frequently updated so these numbers could change tomorrow.

The point is this: don’t rule out a smaller recruitment site like JobsTT on total listings alone. There might be 71 listings but hey, you only need one of them to appeal to you, that one job with your name on it. JobsTT might be one of the new kids on the block but they are more than worth a look. Your dream job might be hiding out there.

4) Company Websites

Yeah, this is the yang to the ying. Where does everyone go to look for a job? The online job boards, right? Of course.

But don’t forget to check out a potential employer’s website. How do we know for sure that companies promote all their vacancies on local job sites?

So maybe that job you want is on their website, behind a link that says “Careers” or “Jobs” or “Join our team.”

Take Digicel for example. This is their careers page. Click the link on that page and it takes you to a search engine where you can browse Digicel vacancies across the Caribbean.

In other words, you can’t just depend on the popular job sites. That’s lazy. Go that extra step by visiting a potential employer’s website, blog or social media channels.

Thank us later.

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