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Advice For T&T’s University Grads: Treat Your Career Like A Marathon, Not A Sprint

So, you want to get promoted right now? And you have about six months at the company? Take a step back and evaluate what you really bring to the table before you rush into your boss’s office to demand that promotion.

Listen, you can’t do everything at once, OK? I know we all want to be president of the company, have the perfect family life at home and make a killer salary all by the time we hit 30.

The problem is, even in this hyper-accelerated digital world, where teenage CEOs are the norm in Silicon Valley and 40-year-olds are on their third multi-million dollar start-up, for T&T’s university grads, it pays to take the long view.

Sit back, relax and build your skills, Getting promoted is a long-term process. Sometimes it can take years to make your mark. And investing in your education, along with improving your networking abilities can pay big dividends in the long run.

Make Yourself Stand Out

Figure out what skills you need to build in order to differentiate yourself in the job market. And don’t be afraid to invest some quality time on it. If that Web development course takes six months to complete and costs about $6,000, don’t scoff. Even though you can develop some of those skills via a free online course or YouTube videos, really dedicating your time to a new skill — and paying your way — can be a rewarding experience as well as an eventual salary booster.

Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors ever, says the most beneficial thing a person can do is invest in themselves. Invest in your education and you can have a foundation for a solid career.

You Might Not Be Ready for a Promotion

You might see some peers getting promoted to positions of responsibility and feel the familiar pangs of jealousy. But if you sit back and watch the struggles they go through once they are handed too much too soon, you might feel a bit grateful for your space to grow slowly and confidently. Know your skills and capacity for challenging yourself so you can take the right position at the right time.

Keep an Eye on the Evolving Economy

If history has shown us anything it’s that nothing lasts forever. Today’s booming industry can cool off tomorrow. It’s essential to keep your nose to the grindstone and stay up on the current events impacting the world of work. If there is a specific industry you are monitoring, consider subscribing to trade magazines and newsletters that talk about the state of businesses in that arena. Check out this helpful download that gives you an idea of the national development needs of Trinidad and Tobago.

Picture Your Retirement Dinner

It is never too early to think about your legacy. Even when you are just starting your career, you can use those golden years to motivate you to make the right decisions today. Are you going to want a large nest egg to fund a comfortable lifestyle in retirement? Get going on earning as much money as possible and socking it away. Want to make a difference, so that you can look back with pride on a pretty good life? Explore what makes you passionate and figure out how to make money doing it and, this is still important: save as much as possible for your retirement.

Remember it’s about the journey, not just the destination. Stay focused on your day-to-day, but start planning for the future to keep yourself on track. Balance and a steady, measured pace is key to finishing a marathon on your feet, not on your back.

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