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Teachers, Are You Paying Attention? Make Money Using Skype For Private Tuition

It’s the morning after. You rub your eyes with one hand, reach for your phone with the other and wince. Your feet — your poor, overworked feet shouldn’t be asked for more favours after two days on the road.

Buried under a comforter, because your room feels like New York in February, the voice returns to taunt you for spending close to $6,000 for Lady Amherst’s pheasant feathers — on a teacher’s salary, you’ll never get that mortgage if you keep this up.

But guilt will have to wait — the Minister of Education hasn’t yet approved your week off and you’re late for work.

Teachers, it doesn’t have to be like this every Ash Wednesday. You could just work for yourself — doing something like online tutoring from the comfort of your dinner table.

Most teachers think they know Skype but the reality is that few understand its potential as a tool for online tutoring. The good news is that the basic and more popular version of Skype is still free and everybody who’s anybody has it — your potential clients included.

I’m here to remind you that you no longer have a valid excuse for not quitting your chalk-and-blackboard life and getting into private teaching — full time — like your promised yourself you would five years ago. Not with ubiquitous VoIP tech within your reach.

Skype isn’t just for Anthony Green who, after coffee and an omelette at a nearby diner, struts back to his East Village, Manhattan apartment by 7:30 for one-on-one SAT tutoring with high-school students whose parents shell out US$1,500 per hour-and-a-half session.

You can take advantage of this technology, too.

If you’ve had an inkling that you would one day work for yourself, your big break could come from clicking that “S” in your taskbar.

Give serious thought to using Skype for private tuition. Find some paying customers who don’t want to travel anywhere to learn anything.

It doesn’t matter if it’s SEA or CXC subjects. Or hard-to-pass CAPE econ. If you’re good; if you can prove that you get results, you won’t have much trouble developing a clientele.

One tip: ditch the discounts and go for the parents who will do anything to get junior into the top schools. They want it more.

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