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Here Are 6 Résumé Must-Haves That Will Get An Employer’s Attention

Take a look at your résumé. Looks impressive to you, does it?

Where’s your career story? What about your achievements and accomplishments in previous jobs? Do they include quantifiable metrics? Does your résumé say that you increased sales, or does it say that you increased sales by 15 percent? Does it include the keywords used by the employer in the job posting?

If your résumé doesn’t include some of these key elements, then maybe it’s not as impressive as you think. You are wasting a golden opportunity — and potentially shutting yourself out of the interview stage for the jobs you want.

HR managers have tons of résumés to scan when they’re searching for that perfect candidate. With so many potential hires to check out, they’re trying to make the screening process as quick and painless as possible. (Last time we checked, you only had six seconds to capture their attention and get them to keep reading.)

In a nutshell, employers know what they’re looking for. And they’re not going to waste time reading through to the end of your résumé hoping that you might have included the information they need to contact you, or make their decision. They’ll just skip over your precious pages and pick up a résumé from a candidate who has given them what they want to see.

Luckily for you, the folks at Business Insider have shared a definitive list of the 6 résumé must-haves. Some of these tips are more obvious, but there are some things you might not have thought to include.

So pick apart your résumé. What key information have you left out? What haven’t you added that would be of serious interest to an employer? What can you remove to make room for the stuff they’re really looking for?

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