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Want To Work in Aviation? Why UTT Is Your Best Bet to Kickstart Your Career

Scoot over, international aviation maintenance programmes. There’s a new, local study in town at UTT. Trinidad and Tobago students with an interest in technical details of getting 747s airborne safely will want to take notice: UTT’s courses are the first aviation maintenance programme offered in the Caribbean, starting in November.

Scope of Work for an Aviation Technician

So much besides piloting and stewarding goes into making a flight run smoothly. Before a plane can even lift off from the ground, an aircraft maintenance engineer is required to inspect, repair and overhaul the plane. Earning a degree in aviation maintenance from UTT means you graduate with a specialised Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License (AMEL).

Why Join the Ranks of Aviation Techs in TT?

Aircraft repair and maintenance has several perks, including challenging work, good pay and the knowledge that your work is helping people stay safe while flying. Even more than the usual job benefits, though, aviation offers something more: the chance to work internationally. Unlike many other fields (including medicine), aviation is an internationally regulated market, meaning your degree transfers across borders to Europe and Asia.

Travelling internationally isn’t required for work, though. The Caribbean is currently seeing a huge shortage of aviation techs, meaning there are several open positions at companies including Caribbean Airlines and National Helicopter Services Limited.

Choosing the UTT Aviation Degree Over Another School

Attending university at UTT is your only option in the Caribbean if you want to study Aviation Maintenance — and there are benefits to staying in the region rather than going abroad.

  1. GATE Funding

Your training and tuition won’t cost you anything. The only thing you’ll pay as a resident of T&T is living expenses.

  1. Getting on the right track to move ahead

If you choose to earn a diploma or certificate in the aviation field from UTT, you’ll be on track to start training at the Civil Aviation Authority and obtain licenses in specific areas within aviation technology and aviation maintenance.

  1. UTT’s commitment and focus

As a new programme with the best methods and technology in its field, UTT’s Aviation Maintenance study programme aims to set the benchmark for students entering the aviation field. A degree from UTT will mean you’re one of the best.

Getting Started in Aviation Maintenance at UTT

If you’re not sure whether a career in aviation tech is for you, UTT offers a certificate in Aviation Technology as a starting point for the bachelor’s degree. Once you’re set on the programme and have completed your general education requirements, courses will include Aircraft Electrical Systems Theory, Aircraft Propulsion Systems and Applications, Introduction to Aeronautical Science, Aviation Maintenance Management: A Global Perspective, and Aviation Labor Management (to name just a few).

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