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Create Your Dream Career — Even If You’re Still In UWI

Maybe you’ve gotten a lot of sage advice from the so-called “adults” in your life about what you should be doing with your career.

Or maybe you haven’t.

Maybe you’ve done a ton of research and you’ve laid out your next steps. You’re secure in your decisions.

Or maybe you’re unsure, and terrified about it.

Even if you’ve got the best-laid plans, your dream job isn’t some prize waiting for you at the end of a 100-metre sprint. What it really is, is a weird amalgamation of your dreams, current circumstances, experience and all the nuggets of wisdom you pick up along your journey. It presents itself at the intersection where you least expect it: where you confront things you didn’t know when you set out on your path.

And sometimes, blind adherence to those plans can close off your access to a lot of possibilities and opportunities. You might be less open to taking risks or doing something that’s not on your Career To-Do List.

But quite often, a dream career is something you create when you experiment, take chances, fail, and learn on the fly. There’s no model. You’re often flying blind…which may terrify or excite you, depending on how much you embrace risk.

The people at The Muse, in collaboration with The Daily Worth, have figured out what you should do to turn your career dreams into reality. Soak up some real sage wisdom from people who’ve walked the walk.

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